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Ronald L. Sims is a Certified Civil Law Mediator.

Civil mediation comprises cases of a civil nature as opposed to criminal and family law. Such cases can vary from contract disputes over debts and accounts, all the way to personal injury suits and even federal claims actions. As with any type of mediation, timing is a factor to be considered. There is pre-suit mediation, and there is post suit mediation. Expense, and readiness, are factors in deciding which of those formats to use.

If the legal issues are relatively simple, and the facts are reasonably well known to both participants, then pre-suit mediation will often prove to be a less expensive process. Getting together with the opposition and an experienced civil law mediator who can regulate the atmosphere to keep the parties on track and help them avoid distracting personal issues, can often lead to a resolution without the burdensome expense of a lawsuit.

On the other hand, if the legal issues are complex, or their applicability to the situation is in question, and the parties have not been able to review the documentation, and potential testimony prior to suit, then a post-suit mediation may have better potential for settlement. This is because suit allows for discovery procedures that give the parties a chance to review the evidence that the other party is relying upon. Then the participants can be in a better position to make a knowledgeable decision as to what offers to make or accept.

Mediation is not simple, but it is effective. An experienced civil law mediator is your best asset in accomplishing a successful mediation. Mr. Sims has been mediating for almost three decades. He is a good choice for a civil law mediator.

If you have questions, concerns, or legal needs regarding Civil Dispute Mediation issues, we urge you to seek the legal advice of an experienced Orlando Civil Law Mediator.

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