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Whenever a marriage comes to an end, it is always best if both parties can agree on all of the important issues. Whether the parties agree or disagree on the various issues, a divorce / dissolution always involves the legal system, and there are two broad categories of that system with which you should be somewhat familiar - procedural and substantive considerations.

Procedural considerations involve the steps that must be taken in order to have a dissolution granted by a judge. Even when the parties agree to all of the financial and other issues between them - commonly referred to as an uncontested dissolution - there are several steps that must be followed in order to legally achieve a dissolution. A broad overview of the procedures involved in a dissolution is very important.

Divorce / Dissolution Procedure

  • A divorce / dissolution action typically begins when one party files a Petition For Dissolution . Filing the Petition also initiates the Discovery period and a Standing Administrative Order.
  • Within 20 days of service of the Petition For Divorce / Dissolution, the other Party should file a Response and/or Counter-petition . If a Response or Counter petition is not filed within 20 days the party who filed the Petition for Divorce / Dissolution may seek a default judgment.
  • When all Discovery, Petitions, Counter-petitions And Responsive Pleadings are Complete (and sometimes even earlier) the court requires the parties to attempt to settle the disputed issues through MEDIATION.
  • If Mediation does not resolve the Issues, then the parties typically have a trial before a judge. If at any time before the final hearing the parties reach agreement on all issues, then an uncontested dissolution proceeding is held. Either way, the dissolution can only be made final by order of a judge.

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Substantive considerations involve the rights and duties of the parties and the court throughout the divorce / dissolution process.

Florida has an extensive web of statutes and court decisions which determine the various rights and responsibilities of the husband, the wife and the Court. While some of these laws are fairly straightforward, others are wholly dependent on a wide variety of facts that may exist among the parties.

Both Contested Divorces and Uncontested Collaborative Divorces commonly involve domestic issues including, but not limited to:

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